Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year !


Whoa dusty in here , I should be punished !

Happy New Year to the three most discerning people in Second Life.

Our followers ~laughs~

Eeeep one is me.

Cicci going to be very mad with me.

Good thang I'm hawt , smart and ~the list goes on ~

On a serious note a Very Happy , Safe , semi Sane and successful year to all that grace this page.

Much affection from Mr G and Eliza.W

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cicci's NEW studio !

Sooooooooooo excited the Boss has a NEW studio and Gallery in the recently transformed Addictive Shopping District. Invite only and private, "Studio 6" has everrrrrrrrrrrrything. Space, ambiance, internal courtyard gardens and amazing well defined areas for Mr G to weave his special magic upon the SL Fashion and Art World. Yay Mr G ! I think if he goes on holidays sometime soon, I may have party there. He'll never know I can rezz up any mess in nano seconds !!! Now where did I put those exploding sheep ......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deja Vu November Issue Now out !

The best on the grid, photographed by the best on the grid.

Soooooooooooo who let me in ~laughs~

Mr G images in this months Deja Vu International of too many to mention. Hey, I'm feeling lazy today ~laughs~ It's tiring Interviewing these wonderful creators & designers I tell you !

Kiosks Inworld for a copy or read online at Deja Vu International

I got a haircut ~beams~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Congratulations to Mr G !

YAY Boss ! Not only has the ever illustrious Mr G been featured by Vain Inc as artist of the month but the ever discerning fans of Riviera Couture have several new stores to delight in. Poor man never stops working, I worry sometimes, yes I do : laughs :

All work and no play ...........

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The RIVIERA COUTURE "MOULIN ROUGE" lingerie ( pictured above in the black ) is superb. The intricate lace overlay has regal patterning on a predominantly sheer base that's both evocative and sensual. Extra attention to detail that's an expectation of RIVIERA COUTURE designs comes in the entrancing lace attachments that gives both a sexy and elegant flourish of movement. This exquisite sexy lingerie comes in four color ways. White/platinum, black, mocha and blue.

I didn't want to take my RIVIERA COUTURE 'MOULIN ROUGE' off in a hurry . What to wear , what to wear. My cute little çan can'boots were a must, I then desired to throw on my multiple drape of black pearls. Perfect alternate is to wear Digit Darkes 'Friday' skirt. I better not jump huh ~smiles~ Pose No 54 from Mr G Faxion Set #5

Sunday, July 26, 2009


RIVIERA COUTURE is happy to announce the release of MISTRESS.

This extraordinary dress comes in several options. As is seen in the accompanying image the dress has an highly ornate lace overlay and embellishments of belting that accentuate the female form. There are small details of flexi attachments that give this regal and sexy outfit a sense of movement without being over ambitious.

To further extend the overall look of MISTRESS there are several options available to customize this couture garment to your exacting needs. The initial dress has the option of adding a black coat overlay with soft drapes on the arms and this takes this wonderful outfit from contemporary classic to a more Victorian feel. As these drapes still reveal the shoulder area the outfit remains entirely alluring in sensual appeal.

While the lace in the décolleté area presents with an evocative semi transparent view of skin the MISTRESS range has varying options to change the overall look if you choose to purchase any of the range of colored tops also released. These come in a range of color options including red, sage, pink and platinum. RIVIERA COUTURE is releasing this range in several purchasing options. The dress exclusively, followed by the Jacket , fatpack of colored tops to underlay the décolleté area lace or for those that want it all, THE BIG DEAL, which is the entire story in one purchase.

Visit your nearest RIVIERA COUTURE store, consider the main store at ADDICTIVE or purchase available via XSTREET.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

MrG Bed - Prop Scene ( Funky )


Oooooooh lordy this is so much fun and smexy smexy smexy too. Our MrG has just released this brilliant bed scene which you can fling yourself on and capture a multiple of highly professional snaps using his state of the art fashion pose animations. Great if you're working on a portfolio,even more fun to get just the right image for that special friend as a surprise ! Easy to navigate menu permits you to flick quickly between poses as you discover the one that expresses your personal style best. I had a blast playing on this and at only 12 prims what more could we want ? FUNKY yes ! A series ongoing, I'm so incredibly excited about what else is to come in this range. There's also a neat chat command to customise your pose to perfection, thus saving time wasted messing around editing potential corrections.

I'm probably going to get fired for this next offering, couldn't resist though. Never wise to parody the Boss's craft, for some of us the temptation is simply irresistible ~laughs~ Eeeeeeeep BIG trouble ahead !

Take a walk on the wild side.....

Available from Riviera Couture at Addictive.

Better be quick !